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OPEN DATA Initiatives and visualisation techniques

Data super-visualisation in Prof. Rosling’s BBC Programme, The Joy of Stats., shown on BBC TV in November 2010. He uses Trendalyzer software.

The full 60 min. prog. is now available worldwide on Rosling’s Gapminder site: The Joys of Stats

TED has a set of Rosling’s talks.

YouTube search on Hans Rosling has many more.

The BBC programme was aired was right in the middle of Wik/Ass. Didn’t immediately see the connection between WikiLeaks data and visualisation. Hadn’t yet seen the visualisations for the Iraq war logs.

Making data dance – Hans Rosling has become an online star by using data visualisations to make serious points about health policy and development

Economist 9 Dec 2010

His stats website is :

The bit that particularly fascinated me in the BBC Rosling documentary – though it was all fascinating – was about San Franscico’s open data policy, exemplified by the release of the Police Department’s crime reports, which has been tuurned into an interactive map by Michael Migurski andEric Rodenbeck of Stamen Design > Crimespotting



Stills from Joy of Stats showing real-time changes in crime patterns

Rosling talks of community statistics in action, with the public looking at the data and suggesting ideas to tackle crime or improve neighbourhoods.

Local government is adopting open data policies with alacrity.  A quick search shows the extent of developments.

DataSF –  datasets available from the City & County of San Fransisco

Innovative Open Data Legislation San Francisco

Page from Rotterdam Open Data with links to San Fransisco Open Data legislation  recently enacted

Open Data Links, a page from Visible Government, A Canadian initiative ‘promoting online tools for government transparency.’

E.g.  Fix My Street Canada

Other open data projects

Radical cartography – race maps for Chicago, New York, San Jose

Rotterdam Open Data –  lists projects from many coutries

e.g.  Trafford  Open Data Maps (Manchester, UK)

Another project from the UK:

Crime Mapping

e.g.  Cornwall Crime stopper produced using InstaAtlas which has 2 other examples


Chart Wars: The Political Power of Data Visualization

5 min video extolling the virtues of visualisation and graphic literacy.

From :

Mapping your city with pictures taken by others

Radical Cartography and Urban Racial Maps

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OPEN DATA GOVERNMENT 2.0 – Starfish vs. Spider: Government 2.0 operations in a WikiLeak environment

Starfish vs. Spider: Government 2.0 Operations in A WikiLeak Enviroronment


Mark Drapeau, 13 Dec 2010

in Sector: Public (“American Progress Through Technological Innovation”)

An update on his earlier Government 2.0: Five Predictions for 2010-12 for the future of open government, with a sections: When Government 2.0 meets WikiLeaks, The Starfish (WikiLeaks) and the Spider (“Government”) and One More Prediction: Entrepreneurship and Government 2.0. The second section refers to a book, The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom (the link is the wiki entry for the book).

In the update, Mark refers to an other article he wrote, What Does Government 2.0 Look Like – Mark Drapeau offers a visual breakdown of the Govt 2.0 components ( 24 May, 2010), which does indeed have a set of clear graphics, which can be right-moused into another tab to increase size.

Reference is also made to jay Rosen’s 26 July, 2010 post, The Afghanistan War Logs Released by Wikileaks, the World’s First Stateless News Organization.. An extract from the Rosen is also given:

Appealing to national traditions of fair play in the conduct of news reporting misunderstands what Wikileaks is about: the release of information without regard for national interest. In media history up to now, the press is free to report on what the powerful wish to keep secret because the laws of a given nation protect it. But Wikileaks is able to report on what the powerful wish to keep secret because the logic of the Internet permits it. This is new. Just as the Internet has no terrestrial address or central office, neither does Wikileaks.

I’ve underlined the key point.

There is a link to a 4-page essay .pdf

Citizen 2.0


Nancy E. Tate and Mary G. Wilson

in Personal Democracy Forum [About ]



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WIKILEAKS Sveriges Televison documentary “WikiRebels”

The 57 Minute video on WikiLeaks/Assange from SVT


embedded in a post from Axis of Logic E-Zine, with a brief intro explaining who made it and when the shooting was done.

There are severla articles on WikiLeak in Axis, such as Julian Assange is not the Point, by Joanne Namerow [ 17 Dec 2010] and a WikiLeaks cable disclosure on US attitude and policy towards Venezuela, Wikileaks: Documents Confirm US Plans Against Venezuela by Eva Golinger [ 17 Dec 2010]

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