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INTERNET #WEB Rethinking Conspiracy: The Political Philosophy of Julian #Assange []

Rethinking Conspiracy: The Polical Philosophy of Julian Assange


Peter Ludlow

January 12, 2011 - Posted by | actor-network theory, Bradley Manning, Canberra cyber security centre, Citizen 2.0, connective knowledge, connectivism, conspiracy, cyber attacks, cyber crime, cyber espionage, cyber security, cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, cyber-utopianism, cyberspace, cypherpunk, data journalism, data leakage, Defence Signals Directorate, Department of Homeland Security, digital forensics, digital journalism, encryption, FGI, free government information [FGI], Government 2.0, Govt 3.0, hacker culture, info-war, insider security, insider threats, Internet, internet activism, Iraq war logs, Julian Assange, National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications (NCCC), National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, Network security, network theory, P2P, P2P Foundation, techno-libertarianism, The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto, U.S. diplomatic cables, U.S.Embassy cables, Unique Personality Organisation [UPO], WikiLeaks, WikiLeaks vs. The Yes Men

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