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#WIKILEAKS [@ioerror #tweetecology] #Tor #cyberprivacy ~ Wikileaks volunteer detained and searched (again) by US agents [12 Jan 2011]

Wikileaks volunteer detained and searched (again) by US agents


Jacob Applebaum Twitter @ioerror – search down the tweets for where the story starts and follow the tweets out into the tweet ecology (as it were…).


* One key point – Tor is used both by individuals and by organisations

Graphics to illustrate how Tor works

wiki:Virtual Private networks (VPN)


There are several different places where encryption can be built in to an existing network infrastructure, corresponding to the different protocol layers:

1. On the network level— Packets traveling between hosts on the network are encrypted. The encryption engine is placed near the driver, which sends and receives packets. An implementation is found in CIPE.
2. On the socket level— A logical connection between programs running on different hosts (TCP connection; transport or session layer in OSI) is encrypted. The encryption engine intercepts or proxies connections. SSH and SSL work this way.
3. On the application level— Applications contain their own encryption engine and encrypt data themselves. The best-known example is PGP for encrypting mail.

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