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#WIKILEAKS #China ~ WikiLeaks: China’s Politburo a cabal of business empires [6 Dec 2010]

WikiLeaks: China’s Politburo a cabal of business empires
Peter Foster, Beijing, The Telegraph, 6 Dec 2010

The WDIK column
When this article was first published, there was no rush of articles musing about the similarities between the Chinese and U.S. Systems. Who in mainstream U.S. media would dare to moot such parallels?

It seems all states evolve into this sort of set-up. With Gore Vidal’s words about the U.S never having been a democracy echoing (what then an ‘electoral state’ ?), it’s quite easy to grasp that the U.S. might have been designed from inception to operate in the way the U.S. diplomats in the Wikileaks U.S cable leaks describes present day China.

Perhaps there is a rule of statehood, governance, power, influence networks, that states this kind of arrangement is the default to which states – which didn’t start off like like that – revert to over time. A kind of biological-social law.

In a post WikiLeaks world – full of notions of P2P – what is essential is that spidercharts of influence (influence landscape) are draw up to enable individuals to make up their own minds whether to trust a politician or business leader.

A series of flashcards in Netwit 2.1 will link to ideas on trust models. They won’t necessarily come consecutively but as they are found. I prefer visualisations to long screeds, so they will more often than not be graphics to aid thinking, rather than complete explanations. The first one which came from business trust modelling, has at its core ‘capacity for trust’.

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