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#Ellsberg draws parallels between Pentagon Papers and WikiLeaks [video]

At Harvard Law School, Ellsberg draws parallels between Pentagon Papers and WikiLeaks

30 March 2011

‘….governments go to great lengths to conceal information that could lead to accountability, embarrassment, or blame.’

‘…“Avoiding blame is sort of the major number one principle in a bureaucracy or a politician, for that matter,” said Ellsberg. “So in this case, almost nothing is more secret than a warning within the government that a given policy which is going to be found out might be dangerous, or criminal, or wrong, (or) reckless.” ‘

‘…He posited that in fact, most U.S. Government decisions to keep information secret are directed at keeping secrets not from other nations but from Congress, public courts, and citizens—“the ones who have the votes and vote the budgets, and might possibly prosecute, and the ones whose blame is to be feared.”

‘…Although some information, such as data on nuclear stockpiles, communications intelligence, and identities of covert CIA agents should indeed remain classified, Ellsberg said, secrets about government actions that affect public opinion and safety should not be kept.’

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