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Julian Assange: Internet revolutionary

Julian Assange: Internet revolutionary

RIA Novosti commentator Dmitry Babich

Netwit 2.01’s view: Assange’s importance is in decline, though once his fracas with the Swedish authorities is over he will be able to get on the circuit and make a lot of money talking up his ideas. He’ll become the slightly passée cyberpunk philosopher others defer to.

Assange’s website is inoperable as a whistle-blower drop-box. He has no means of re-constituting it without what his ex-buddy Daniel D-B took out of the system.

His legacy will be the initial impact of WikiLeaks and his theoretical essay[s], not the WikiLeaks website, which seems to be stuck in the mud, being rapidly superseded by different ideas about how to encourage whistleblowers to report corporate and governmental malpractices.

Julian’s essays on Conspiracy

Rethinking Conspiracy: The Political Philosophy of Julian Assange


Prof. Peter Ludlow, Dept. of Philosophy, Northwestern University [7 December, 2010 ]

explains Assange’s ideas clearly and simply.

Julian Assange’s Political Philosophy: An Analysis

by John Danaher, in blog Philosphical Disquisitions [11 December 2010]

This article pretty much confirms the first draft of this post, with all the added details about which other sites have tried to operated drop-boxes and how they have fared:

Got news to leak? Get lost

James Brown 27 July 2011, Macleans.Ca

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Facebook secretly hands over private user data to law enforcement

Facebook secretly hands over private user data to law enforcement

Andrew Couts, Digital Trends, 12 July 2011

5 page Facebook guidelines dated 2008

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The motives of Bradley Manning

The motives of Bradley Manning

Glen Greenwald, Salon, 4 July 2011

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‘This is all about Assange consolidating his power’

‘This is all about Assange consolidating his power’

Daniel Domscheit-Berg recently spoke with Exberliner magazine’s Dana Kikic about his intense three years at WikiLeaks, Julian Assange’s power-tripping personality and his new whistleblower platform OpenLeaks.

11 July 2011, The Local (Germany’s News in English)

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INTERVIEW Julian Assange with Hans Ulich Obrist

Two part extremely long, detailed interview in arts mag e-flux:

In Conversation with Julian Assange, Part I

…we need a way of consistently and accurately naming every piece of human knowledge, in such a way that their name arises out of the knowledge itself, out of its textual, visual, or aural representation, where the name is inextricably coupled to what it actually is. If we have that name, and if we use that name to refer to some information, and someone tries to change the contents, then it is either impossible or completely detectable by anyone using the name.

…if oligarchs and billionaires are in there ripping out bits of history, or connections between one part of history and another, because it interferes with their agenda—then the intellectual constructs that we are building up about our civilization are being built on something that is unstable. We are building an intellectual scaffold for civilization out of plasticine.

….this new idea that I want to introduce to protect the work of WikiLeaks can also be extended to protect all intellectual products. All creative works that can be put into digital form can be linked in a way that depends on nothing but the intellectual content of the material itself—no reliance on remote servers or any organization. It is simply a mathematical function on the actual intellectual content, and people would need nothing other than this function.

In Conversation with Julian Assange, Part II

Reviewed in a mere two pager in:

WikiLeaks’ Unrealized Project: What We Learned From Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Epic Interview With Julian Assange

Ben Daviis, Artinfo, 30 June 2011

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