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Document Trove Exposes Surveillance Methods

Document Trove Exposes Surveillance Methods

Jennifer Valentino-Devries, Julian Angwin and Steve Stechlow : Wall Street Journal, 19 November 2011

Off-the-shelf surveillance technology

‘….a retail market for surveillance tools has sprung up from “nearly zero” in 2001 to about $5 billion a year..’

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Post-Revolt Tunisia Can Alter E-Mail With `Big Brother’ Software

Post-Revolt Tunisia Can Alter E-Mail With `Big Brother’ Software

Vernon Silver, Bloomberg, 12 December 2011

Link to Bloomberg News investigation ‘..across the region that reveals how governments use Western surveillance technology to track dissidents. ‘

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An Australian Abroad – Australian Senator Scott Ludlams on Assange

An Australian Abroad

Scott Ludlams in his blog Field Notes, 10 December 2011

….If Mr Assange ends up jailed in Sweden, Australia has the ability to repatriate him under the International Transfer of Prisoners (ITP) scheme.

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