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Turning the internet into a police state

Turning the internet into a police state

–A government that said it’d be ‘strong in defence of freedom’ now wants to spy on everything we do online.

Patrick Hayes

Spiked Magazine 3 April 2012

  • Spiked is written by mainly former Marxism Today folk

  • It’s libertarian/contrarian – so you’ll get defences of things you’d think would not be defended. Many of these pieces are well worth reading to get the old grey cells going, even if you find you are on the other side of the argument.  So, for example, you may well find a Spiked writer defending people’s right to smoke themselves to death, when you feel despite African farmers suffering, it would be far better overall to shut the tobacco factories down completely for the greater good (probably missing out the bit about how tobacco corporations push cigarettes onto African’s who haven’t got the medical services to sort them out when they get, say, severe bronchitis or forbid, cancer)


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