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WikiLeak’s Assange Behind 100s of Hackers? Arrest of 3 in Spain Tip of Iceberg

WikiLeak’s Assange Behind 100s of Hackers? Arrest of 3 in Spain Tip of Iceberg

By Eric Hanson, Hollywood Today, 12 June 2011

…The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems that dissidents can use to undermine repressive governments that seek to silence them by censoring or shutting down telecommunications networks.

The effort includes secretive projects to create independent cellphone networks inside foreign countries, as well as one operation out of a spy novel in a fifth-floor shop on L Street in Washington, where a group of young entrepreneurs who look as if they could be in a garage band are fitting deceptively innocent-looking hardware into a prototype “Internet in a suitcase.”

Financed with a $2 million State Department grant, the suitcase could be secreted across a border and quickly set up to allow wireless communication over a wide area with a link to the global Internet, according to the NY Times, who use WikiLeaks info.

….Spanish police since October have analyzed more than 2 million chat registration lines and Web pages used by the hacker group before reaching its leadership in Spain

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Is Julian Assange the Next Bill Gates?

Is Julian Assange the Next Bill Gates?

By Chloe Albanesius, PCmag, 23 May 2011

“…Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures believes that the next big thing on the Internet will have to embrace the idea of societal upheaval.”

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Barrett Brown is Anonymous

Barrett Brown is Anonymous

Tim Brown, D Magazine, April 2011

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WikiLeaks, Journalism and Modern-Day Muckraking

WikiLeaks, Journalism and Modern-Day Muckraking

National Conference for Media Reform panel discussion moderated by Amy Goodwin of Democracy Now, Friday 8 April 2011.


Greg Mitchell – author of “The Age of WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond)” and a more recent one on Bradley Manning. @gregmitch
Micah Sifry – author of “WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency” @mlsif
Emily Bell @emilybell
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
Christopher Warren at Alliance Online

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Is This The Girl That Hacked HBGary?

Well, it should be “…the girl who…”, but never mind.

This set of links is just an example of Hackerworld in the Age of Wikileaks, and the type of people and processes that revolve around it.

The very curious will want to know about the parent company of HGGary, so there is a link at the bottom to an example of Software Security Companies Who Want to Work with Govt. (Well, of course they do, how are they going to make a living otherwise, if not from easily dole-outable taxpayers money?)

What I’d really like to be reading about is software companies who dedicate themselves to making the internet safe for everyday users.

Is This The Girl That Hacked HBGary?

by Parmy Olson, 16 March 2011

How one man tracked down Anonymous—and paid a heavy price

By Nate Anderson

Wiki: Aaron Barr

Articles by Joseph Mennin the FT

[1] Cyberactivists warned of arrest (4 Feb 2011)

[2]‘Hacktivists’ retaliate against security expert (7 Feb 2011)

first reported Barr’s claims.

Black ops: how HBGary wrote backdoors for the government

By Nate Anderson, in Ars Technica. [date not obvious, but recent…]

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