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Julian Assange: Internet revolutionary

Julian Assange: Internet revolutionary

RIA Novosti commentator Dmitry Babich

Netwit 2.01’s view: Assange’s importance is in decline, though once his fracas with the Swedish authorities is over he will be able to get on the circuit and make a lot of money talking up his ideas. He’ll become the slightly passée cyberpunk philosopher others defer to.

Assange’s website is inoperable as a whistle-blower drop-box. He has no means of re-constituting it without what his ex-buddy Daniel D-B took out of the system.

His legacy will be the initial impact of WikiLeaks and his theoretical essay[s], not the WikiLeaks website, which seems to be stuck in the mud, being rapidly superseded by different ideas about how to encourage whistleblowers to report corporate and governmental malpractices.

Julian’s essays on Conspiracy

Rethinking Conspiracy: The Political Philosophy of Julian Assange


Prof. Peter Ludlow, Dept. of Philosophy, Northwestern University [7 December, 2010 ]

explains Assange’s ideas clearly and simply.

Julian Assange’s Political Philosophy: An Analysis

by John Danaher, in blog Philosphical Disquisitions [11 December 2010]

This article pretty much confirms the first draft of this post, with all the added details about which other sites have tried to operated drop-boxes and how they have fared:

Got news to leak? Get lost

James Brown 27 July 2011, Macleans.Ca

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