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Hackers break into a lucrative career

Hackers break into a lucrative career

Joseph Menn, FT, 19 October 2011

…a potentially lucrative career awaits for skilled researchers – or even teenagers – who can challenge the vulnerabilities of some of the world’s best-known websites.

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The Proof is in the Pendulum: A History of Digital Activism and Repression

The Proof is in the Pendulum: A History of Digital Activism and Repression

Owni 23 September 2011

Purist arguments of cyber-optimism and cyber-pessimism are becoming increasingly irrelevant as evidence of digital technology’s ability to both empower and repress accumulates. However, what is the basis of this argument beyond anecdotalism of a slightly broader scope?

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Wikileaks symposium [International Journalism Festival]

Wikileaks symposium

179 min video of part I

The US diplomatic cables began to be published on 28 November 2010. Of exceptional interest is not so much the content of the cables as the reaction on all sides to the publication of the cables. Has there ever been a more enlightening open discussion on what liberal democracy is and/or should be. Of the many subsets of issues to emerge, the deceptively simple questions what is journalism? and who is a journalist? require addressing. With Fabio Chiusi (ilNichilista) Federica Cocco (editor-in-chief, Daniel Domscheit-Berg (founder, former spokesman Wikileaks), Alessandro Gilioli (L’espresso), Peter Ludlow (philosopher, Northwestern University, Chicago), Evgeny Morozov (columnist Foreign Policy), Dan Roberts (national editor The Guardian)
Micah Sifry (co-founder Personal Democracy Forum)

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