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#Internet #socialmedia ~ Inside the State Department’s Arab Twitter diplomacy [] []

Inside the State Department’s Arab Twitter diplomacy

Josh Rogin, Foreign Policy, 28 Jan 2011

This is a core article.

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#Internet #Egypt ~ How Egypt Killed the Internet [ []

How Egypt Killed the Internet

Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Wall Street Journal, 29 Jan 2011


The man who pooh-poohs social media in his book The Net Delusion, but who is himself a master of their use to promote his very book, asks in a Tweet if Egypt will be appointing a Minister for Twitter and FaceBook. I wrote a general reply to him with a #evgenymorozov (he is not following me) suggesting they may also be thinking about a Minister for Vodaphone – the Egyptian government shut down the whole mobile network as well as tampering with the social media.

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#INTERNET ~ Egypt down : world first as nation blacks out []

Egypt down: world first as nation blacks out
ZDnet, 28 Jan 2011

The WDIK column
This is very interesting: it shows that Egypt is even more authoritarian than Tunisia was. Both countries rely heavily on U.S. dosh, Egypt to the tune of $1.2B, probably a lot in the form of armaments. Both countries roped in to be a bulwark against Islamic terrorism, both possibly involved, in return for dosh, in extra-ordinary rendition: Egypt certainly so.

Hillary Clinton has gone on TV to urge restraint, that the Egyptian government not resort to shooting people in the streets. Well of course she has: the American’s don’t want anyone to draw attention to the Egyptian military relying so heavily on U.S. armaments, and using said to repress its own people. And certainly not that Egyptian doctors be digging out small arms rounds from protesters with Made in the U.S.A on them.

But at the same time the Obama administration will be squirming because all this shows that the American armaments and aviation industries rely heavily on selling their goodies to repressive regimes. Keeping the U.S. economy heathly on the backs of the freedom of billions of non-Americans. Take Indonesia. Take Saudi Arabia. It really behoves U.S. politicians to rein in idle talk of democracy and freedom.

Even more funny is the request that Egypt does not close down the Internet and mobile networks to stop the protesters communicating. Particularly since that was what was in the minds of many in the U.S. government in reaction to the Wikileaks crisis. They asked Internet companies such as Amazon to shut down servers connected to WikLeaks! But of course, there is bound to be some highly paid official in the U.S. who is now pointing out that Twitter and FaceBook are multi-billion dollar American businesses and must not be shut down by foreign governments willy-nilly!

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