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WIKILEAKS ESSAY The sting of digital insurgency

The sting of digital insurgency


Mukul Kesavan

WikiLeaks is important in three separate, though overlapping ways. First, WikiLeaks is important as a clearing house for news that you can’t get elsewhere. It is crucial as journalism. Second, WikiLeaks deserves our attention because it is trying to pioneer a digital insurgency against what it thinks are unaccountable bureaucracies and conspiratorial states. In this avatar, it is a rallying point for a radical politics that’s based on the premise that the workings of a state should be presumptively open and transparent, a venerable idea that has suddenly been given teeth by the digital revolution. Finally, WikiLeaks is important as an example of the way in which individuals, corporations and states are constantly ambushed by a virtual world that we’ve come to take for granted over the last decade without stopping to think of its impact on our “offline” lives



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