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CYBER SECURITY “On Cyber Warfare” (A November 2010 Chatham House Report)

On Cyber Warfare

A Chatham House Report

November 2010

Paul Cornish, David Livingstone David Clememte, and Clare York

Royal Institute of International Affairs

It’s a biggie: 49 pages. But worth the effort. Final conclusion:

The crux of the problem, however, is that while there might be plenty of politics associated with actual or potential cyber warfare events around the world, we do not see that cyber warfare is a politically constrained phenomenon in the Clausewitzian
sense. We describe cyberspace as terra nullius, currently beyond the reach of mature political discourse. In other
words, it is the absence of a constraining political framework around cyber warfare that makes cyberspace so attractive
as a place in which to achieve cultural, religious, economic, social and even – paradoxically – political goals. We argue
that cyber warfare must be bounded by a Clausewitzian framework of analysis, and that framework must also be
transformed by cyber warfare. In this way national strategy will adapt to the emerging challenges of cyber warfare,
which will in turn be guided by the stabilizing norms and values that national strategy – and only national strategy –
can provide.

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