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Are you happy that your online life is an open book?

Are you happy that your online life is an open book?

Terence Blacker, Belfast Telegraph, 29 June 2011

…Computers are presenting us with a cybernetic version of ourselves, reflecting back what it sees as our preferences and biases. As Bryan Appleyard has written: “Inside our bubbles and loops, we are watched and examined like lab rats with credit cards.

My view is that each generation learns to deal with its own new technology. People jumped on the first trains without thinking about the dangers. Paradoxically, another newish media reported events and led to greater care with safety. So a kind of steady state will eventually be reached, where the benefits and dis-benefits of accessing the web are weighed more carefully. Even taught in schools.

Whereas knowing the workings of a printing press, telegraph or telephone were not at the forefront of peoples mind’s when they were introduced – just they were handy things to have – in the case of the internet and web, it pays to be knowledgeable rather than ignorant. The reasons for this are frequently stated, as here.

Societies have always had conflicting pulls which people have had either to learn to negotiate or they have become victims of. If you become too Luddite and paranoid you don’t get the advantage; if you are gun-ho and naive, your liable to be manipulated, organised, controlled even more than you already are.

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