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Battle for the internet – Guardian series

Battle for the internet

7 day series in the Guardian

Why not try starting with:

How tiny Estonia stepped out of the USSR’s shadow to become and internet titan

Patrick Kingsley, Sunday 15 April


wiki:Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

wiki: ACTA [Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ]


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Misha Glenny on #cyber-security

The problem with cyber is that your assets are not the weapons that you control. Your assets are the vulnerabilities of your actual and potential enemies. In order to know your enemies’ vulnerabilities you have to find out where they are, and once you have got hold of them you cannot afford to let go.

Misha Glenny, author of Dark Market: Cyberthieves, Cybercops and You chooses five books on cybersecurity in The Browser FiveBooks Interview: Misha Glenny on Cyber Security.

He says there are three main types:

► cyber-crime
► cyber industrial espionage
► cyber-warfare

Here he discusses his book with Charlie Rose



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